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Could you forgive? There are no easy answers, but LOST FOR LIFE will begin that very important dialogue. If you would like to show the film or be in touch with the filmmakers, please contact me at And check out these links. Regardless of where you think you stand on the issue of redemption vs. retribution, you will find there are no easy answers. Link to Lost for Life first trailer, press kit, and more: Separate YouTube Trailer Link: Huffington Post review: resolution-_b_3558941.html Nantucket Film Interview (20 minutes) If the link doesn’t take you directly there, type in Lost for Life and/or Joshua Rofe
LOST FOR LIFE, a powerful documentary about juveniles who committed heinous crimes and are serving life sentences, asks the question Could You Forgive? LOST FOR LIFE has Colorado connections with two prisoners, Josiah Ivy and Jacob Ind, a victim, family members, and Sean Taylor, who received a life sentence as a juvenile and had his sentence commuted by Governor Bill Ritter.
Editorial: ONCE MORE COLORADO IGNORES THE CONSTITUTION: NO VOTE FOR JUSTICE. Why is it that the voices of crime victims are given greater weight than.the voices of crime victims? Have you noticed that the victims who receive the most press, the ONLY victims many legislators listen to are those seeking vengeance? Those who call for redemption are either ignored or brushed off with, "You forgive so you must be super-human and we can't relate to you. NEXT!" (click to read more) Please call the following members of the judiciary and ask them to support Juvenile Justice reform The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that mandatory juvenile life without parole sentences are unconstitutional. Colorado’s young lifers are serving unconstitutional sentences and the legislature must act to give them a range of sentences that give them a reasonable chance for release.  
Mike Foote (D)  303-866-2920   Tim Dore (R)  303-866-2398   Lois Court (D)  303-866-2967   Yeulin Willett (R)  303-866-2583   Paul Lundeen (R)  303-866-2924   Kevin Van Winkle (R)  303-866-2936  
Terri Carver (R)  303-866-2191   Polly Lawrence (R)  303-866-2935   John Buckner (D)  303-866-2944   Brittany Pettersen (D)  303-866-2939   Joe Salazar (D)  303-866-2918   Pete Lee (D) - Vice Chair  303-866-2932   Daniel Kagan (D) - Chair  303-866-2921