A JUVENILE JUSTICE ADVOCACY ORGANIZATION Because All Kids Deserve a Second Chance Copyright © 2002-2014 PendulumFoundation.com. All rights reserved. Read our Terms of Use   Could you forgive? There are no easy answers, but LOST FOR LIFE will begin that very important dialogue. If you would like to show the film or be in touch with the filmmakers, please contact me at Maryellen@pendulumfoundation.com. And check out these links. Regardless of where you think you stand on the issue of redemption vs. retribution, you will find there are no easy answers. Link to Lost for Life first trailer, press kit, and more: http://www.snagfilms.com/lostforlife Separate YouTube Trailer Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded& v=NUVB5kzp5ZA Huffington Post review:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nancy-doyle-palmer-/lost-for- life-resolution-_b_3558941.html Nantucket Film Interview (20 minutes) If the link doesn’t take you directly there, type in Lost for Life and/or Joshua Rofe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwozGzwCkFU Where do I begin with this letter? I remember when I first was arrested, I wanted to find something positive to invest in and immediately turned toward education. I studied for about a month and then I went and took my GED tests. THE LITTLEST THINGS CAN CHANGE A LIFE  Won’t you please support learning for our young men and women?
Even though I was subsequently sentenced to 40 years, I still was happy that I found a positive avenue that I could invest my time into and hopefully become a better person. (read the rest of the letter) LOST FOR LIFE, a powerful documentary about juveniles who committed heinous crimes and are serving life sentences, asks the question Could You Forgive? LOST FOR LIFE has Colorado connections with two prisoners, Josiah Ivy and Jacob Ind, a victim, family members, and Sean Taylor, who received a life sentence as a juvenile and had his sentence commuted by Governor Bill Ritter. We at the Pendulum Foundation believe that the only real prison is the prison of the heart. Our goal is to physically, emotionally and spiritually free all of our young men and women whose childhoods have been lost, and who have been thrown away in Colorado’s prison system. Take Action Information About us Colorado Kids Parricide Speakers’ Bureau / Media Contacts Contact Videos Mary Ellen’s Blog Resources Governor Hickenlooper vs. Bob Beauprez While John Hickenlooper has been lukewarm on some issues that are important to Pendulum, the governor appointed a wonderful head of Department of Corrections, a much more progressive parole board, and oversaw the closing of CSPII, which is an ENORMOUS change, not to mention an act of political courage.  Reforms were not made on a feel-good basis. They were evidence-based decisions. And now we have Bob Beauprez. His platform  (check out at www.pendulufoundation.com) is  filled with clichés, platitudes and misrepresentations. And for a man who has used Tom Clements’ name and death in political ads, EVERYTHING in his platform is antithetical to Mr. Clements’ belief in redemption and rehabilitation. Beauprez  is being “educated” by a handful of district attorneys who are disappointed that they do not run the state legislature, as was the case in the bad old dumb-on- crime days.  He’s getting bad information.  Nationally, Republicans and conservatives, such as Rand Paul, are publicly speaking out in favor of sentencing reform, etc. They understand, as Mr. Beauprez does not, that mindless punishment only bloats budgets and decreases public safety.  Over the next few days I will break down some of Mr. Beauprez’s most egregious “mischaracterizations.”   For now, here is Bob Beauprez’s “platform.” Notes