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Because All Kids Deserve a Second Chance
Curt Jensen, venture capitalist, founder of The Pendulum Foundation. Media: Featured prominently in local, national and international media. Can speak about legislation, related criminal justice issues and what it’s like to have a child serving life imprison. Click to read more about Curt
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Their paths are not easy. Burnout is common, as is despair. But sometimes, just sometimes, they win a victory or see a candle flame flickering far out in the void, and that gives them renewed purpose. So, they, and I, will continue endlessly rolling that boulder up the hill. Because we have no choice. It’s what we were born to do. I have handpicked each of these speakers. I chose them because they are passionate, dedicated human beings enlisted in a cause bigger than themselves. Whether you decide upon Sean Taylor, who spent many years in prison, Sharletta Evans, whose three-year-old lost his life in a drive-by, or Dan Dailey, who daily combats dragons with a blog, a cellphone and a fearless heart, you will hear inspirational  stories of individuals who are engaged in the good fight, however they define it.  While all have given countless talks and travelled thousands of miles over the course of many years for free, I ask that you at least pay gas money and, if at all possible, negotiate  a stipend for their time.
Jeannette Holtham Youth Transformation Center (www.transformationcenter.org) Specialties: in-house training, restorative justice training or facilitation, meeting and event planning, mentoring, teambuilding, skydiving, networking, criminal justice, social justice, Kriya Yoga (read: Autobiography of a Yogi). read more
After the tragic loss of her three year old son, Sharletta Evans became a local community activist and motivational speaker. She first began her grassroots efforts towards gang prevention in her backyard, leading her to form the Re-Creation Center, an anti-gang nonprofit. Because of the attention of her almost immediate public declaration of forgiveness towards her son’s shooters, Sharletta turned the spotlight both personally and politically towards fairness for juvenile offenders. Sharletta’s testimony was shared at the Supreme Court case of Miller vs. Alabama, in which the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional for juveniles to receive life without parole sentences. She also heavily campaigned for HB 1271, limiting direct file cases Colorado prosecutors can call against juveniles. HB 11-1032, a Colorado bill that expands restorative justice for adults, was also signed into law in 2011, and Sharletta was an instrumental part of getting the bill passed while working with Representative Pete Lee (D-Colorado). Currently, she is a Restorative Justice facilitator and mediator and she has also been a participant; In May of 2012, she met with the man who pulled the trigger that fired the fatal bullet, killing her son, making her one of the few people in the country who has been on both sides of the Restorative Justice process. Sharletta is in the process of writing her life experience and sharing her world changing story of the tragic loss of her 3-year-old son, while she travels and speaks about her very own restorative justice dialogue with the teenage offender. She also shares the process of grief and forgiveness, juvenile justice, bridging the gap through the restorative justice, guilt and denial that the offender and victim may experience due to a crisis. read more
Dan Dailey Parricide Cases Major Media Credentials (Texas and nationwide) Dan Dailey is director of The Redemption Project, a nonprofit youth justice advocacy which specializes in providing customized and unconditional lifelong support to children who commit parricides. "I specialize in parricides because for a variety of reasons including mental illness and awful abuse, these children are rarely culpable," says Dailey. "Even though they commit murder, these kids are not criminals. They're survivors." Since he began this work in 2005, he has been involved in some of the most high profile cases in America. His goal has always been to bring"world-class" legal and other services to bear for the benefit of these vulnerable kids, most of whom are indigent and without effective family support. The Redemption Project hires attorneys and expert witnesses in the trial phase; provides mentors, education materials, and commissary funds while kids are incarcerated; tuition, housing, health care and other basic support during the prison-to-freedom transition. read more about Dan and his work
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Many times we all say, “What can I do?” The challenges are too big, the systems too broken, the politics too corrupt for little people to make a difference. So why try? Let me introduce you to an amazing group of people who have ignored the odds, stepped into the abyss when others have told them all the reasons to stay safely on familiar ground --  and who have made a difference in the world of criminal and juvenile justice.
Speakersí Bureau/Media Contacts Speakersí Bureau/Media Contacts