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Because All Kids Deserve a Second Chance
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Erik Jensen’s parents founded The Pendulum Foundation to help all children serving life. Erik’s web site provides help for  teens in trouble. Devoted to Erik Jensen and Nathan Ybanez. Author Darrell Griffin’s book, Troublebound, out later in 2011, will expose the injustice of these Colorado cases and in sentencing any child to life behind bars. Interviews, often updated. Watch for major publicity tour.
Informative Blogs
John Leonard New York Magazine "... As usual with Bikel, there is a minimum of editorializing, a maximum of alert sympathy for everybody talked to, and a startled eye, a kind of exacerbated witness, on unruly emotions and lunatic systems. We emerge from When Kids Get Life, as from each of her previous films, not merely indignant, but injured in our humanism." When Kids Get Life original broadcast - May 08, 2007 at 9pm watch the program online  FRONTLINE WEB SITE This report continues on the companion Web site. Read an editorial concerning the Colorado Juvenile Clemency board by Mary Ellen Johnson, Director of The Pendulum Foundation.
“When Kids Get Life”
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www.concreteechoes.org A Prisoner website with poems, writings freejonny.weebly.com/freejonny1-blog www.rjonline.org Blog post dealing with restorative justice The Other Death Penalty Project is led and comprised solely of prisoners serving life without the possibility of parole. We are thankful to those free people who have offered us their invaluable help. wandervogeldiary.wordpress.com/ An advocate for Florida juveniles, Alex and Derek King, who were recently released from prison, Dan Dailey’s blog is a personal narrative of the challenges,   adventures, and satisfactions he is experiencing – as well as his continued advocacy for teens. www.endjlwop.org The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth
The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) is the only publication covering juvenile justice and related issues in the Southeast and around the nation on a consistent, daily basis.
Addresses virtual life sentences but is Florida only. jjie.org/florida-struggles-youth-life- sentences/90589 Iowa, Pennsylvania reactions to Miller Jackson: jjie.org/states-react-hearings-orders-on- supreme-court-decision-on-juvenile-life- sentences/89914 Iowa's first Miller appeals: jjie.org/appeals-accepted-first-miller- cases/89638 Broader analysis on Miller, nationwide: jjie.org/wake-of-high-court-ruling-reprieve-for- juvenile-lifers/90391
Free Thoughts: Writing from America’s Prisons  Thanks to UC Professor Stephen Hartnett who has worked with these women  at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility to create the latest volume of Colorado prison writings. Wish there were easy answers to these problems. Maybe there are – and maybe we will begin to glimpse them through the voices in Free Thoughts. Enjoy
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Please visit the From Life To Justice section of our site. fromlifetojustice.pendulumfoundation.com
The Pendulum Foundation serves kids serving life in prison. Not only do we educate the public about the injustice of trying and convicting children as adults, but we provide scholarships and other educational opportunities for those behind bars. Our mission includes supporting and initiating sentencing reform legislation and restorative justice alternatives to punishment. Pendulum’s ultimate goal is to ensure – whether inside or outside of prison – well-adjusted and productive adults.
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