Information from all 50 states about the consequences of being charged and arrested as a juvenile.
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Because All Kids Deserve a Second Chance
Research/ Resources
(Acrobat Reader required to read some of these reports. Download the free Adobe Reader software here.) 1)  Miller V. Alabama Decision that ruled mandatory juvenile life without parole decisions are illegal. Affects approximately 2000 juveniles across the U.S., including 50 Colorado juveniles. 2)   Pew Research Report: One in 100: Behind Bars in America 2008 3)   You can watch online, the FRONTLINE special, "When Kids Get Life" by visiting the site 4)   More than meets the eye:  Rethinking Assessment, Competency and Sentencing for a Harsher Era of Juvenile Justice
INFO ABOUT "JUVIES" A Documentary about Juveniles serving Life Without Parole and narrated by Mark Wahlberg.
Rocky Mountain News: Series on Life Without Parole In September 2005 The Rocky Mountain News published a report on Juvenile Justice, some of the state's current LWOP juveniles and its history in Colorado. Read the report and decide for yourself. Acrobat Reader required. Download the free Adobe Reader software.
Alternative Schools: Promise or Peril for Children Exiting the          Juvenile Justice System? A report from the National Center for Youth Law on youth leaving Juvenile Justice System and re-entering society.
The Rest of Their Lives Life without Parole for Child Offenders in the United States The United States is one of the few countries where a crime committed by a juvenile regularly results in a life sentence without any possibility of parole. This 167-page report documents state and national trends in this type of sentencing and analyzes the race, history and crimes of the young offenders and is a joint project with Amnesty International.
More Important Reports for download
Following Human Rights Watch/Amnesty International’s  publication of  Adult Crime for Adult Time, The Heritage Foundation issued a report stating their support of juvenile life without parole and questioning HRW/AI’s research. Click here for response.
Below are two links to part of the debate.  Judge for yourself…
Kids and the Law: An A-Z Guide for Parents is the first in the State Bar's consumer education series that also includes When You Become 18: A Survival Guide for Teenagers and Seniors & the Law: A Guide for Maturing Californians. While this is California- centered, the advice is good for all states. 
When You Become 18: A  Survival Guide for Teenagers is the second of the State Bar's consumer education series that also includes Kids & the Law: An A- Z Guide for Parents and Seniors & the Law: A Guide for Maturing Californians. California centered; good for all states.
Also the latest Pew Report: One in 31: The Long Reach of American Corrections Washington, DC - 03/02/2009 - Explosive growth in the number of people on probation or parole has propelled the population of the American corrections system to more than 7.3 million, or 1 in every 31 U.S. adults, according to a report released today by the Pew Center on the States.  The vast majority of these offenders live in the community, yet new data in the report finds that nearly 90 percent of state corrections dollars are spent on prisons.  One in 31: The Long Reach of American Corrections examines the scale and cost of prison, jail, probation and parole in each of the 50 states (please see the 50 state factsheets), and provides a blueprint for states to cut both crime and spending by reallocating prison expenses to fund stronger supervision of the large number of offenders in the community.“Most states are facing serious budget deficits,” said Susan Urahn, managing director of The Pew Center on the States.  “Every single one of them should be making smart investments in community corrections that will help them cut costs and improve outcomes.”
The Annie E. Casey Foundation released the report, “No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration.” This excellent document examines the detrimental impacts of America’s over-reliance on incarceration of youth, and will likely help to catalyze a more coordinated national movement toward reform. To download a copy of the full report, please visit:
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Scholarly articles
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We are constantly finding and being given resources that can offer help and information. There is also ongoing research by groups, educational institutions and think tanks to try and curb juvenile crime and stop treating our children like adults.
October 3, 2013 (The Sentencing Project) NEW PUBLICATION: LIFE GOES ON: THE HISTORIC RISE IN LIFE SENTENCES IN AMERICA While serious crime rates in the U.S. have been declining for the last 20 years, the number of prisoners serving life sentences has more than quadrupled since 1984. As documented in our new report, over 159,000 people were serving life sentences in 2012, with nearly 50,000 serving life without parole.
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